Our focus is on delivering the owners vision and architectural design intent on time and within budget. We provide sound project management through the entire construction process through close coordination and collaboration with all project stakeholders, clients, architects, engineers and end users. Our services include:

  • Preconstruction
  • Construction
  • Virtual Construction
  • Sustainability

Our proactive involvement during the preconstruction phase has the greatest potential influence on a project’s final outcome. Our goal is to become an integral part of your team early in the development process to allow the project to benefit from our years of experience.

Our comprehensive preconstruction process includes three critical elements:
  1. Identification of objectives
  2. Assessment of risk, and
  3. Implementation of appropriate tools to mitigate these risks

With our knowledge of the marketplace and trade network, Urban One delivers sound estimating, value-engineering, scheduling and tendering services. We thoroughly evaluate a number of factors during the preconstruction phase, and can provide the following expertise to benefit your project:

Quantity Take-Off

Cost Estimating

Constructability Analysis

Value Analysis

Bid Packaging

Schedule Development

Construction Phase Sequencing

Subcontractor Pre-qualification

Multiple Bid Package Planning

Real-Time Cost Feedback

Site Logistics Planning

Project Cash Flow

Construction is a people management business. Urban One’s goal is to work within a team atmosphere with the owner, project stakeholders, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers to achieve a quality and timely project for the mutual benefit of everyone on the team.

Construction Scheduling

Construction Supervision

Insurance Administration

Bid Award and Procurement

Contract Payment Administration

Cost Control

Management Reporting

Document Control

Deficiency Management

Owner Move-in Planning and Management

Project Close-Out

Warranty Management


Our team members and business partners are considered our most valuable asset – therefore safety is not just a program, it’s our culture. We continue to develop new safety training programs and utilize new safety methods to meet the needs of the industry and our workforce.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) or what is sometimes referred to as BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a form of computer aided design. In addition to providing a digital 3D image of the building, this technique allows for estimations, simulations, scheduling and various other analysis, all the while improving coordination with different specialists involved in the project. In other words, it allows for enhanced design and the opportunity to foresee potential issues that can arise during the execution of a building, and find solutions from the onset of the planning stage so as to avoid surprises and meet the project objectives.

BIM Benefits

Lower design, construction, operation and maintenance costs.

Improved communication and collaboration between different project participants

Lower risks of errors on drawings and specifications through various coordination methods such as collision prevention

Reduced number of change orders and RFI’s due to better review and coordination in the design phase

Minimized re-engineering later in the project by providing more cost certainty early in the project

Created Virtual Walkthroughs to provide a better understanding of the project

Examples of Virtual Construction Services:

Early 3D cost models

Constructability Reviews

Collision Prevention

4D Schedule Simulation Planning

Site Logistics and Disruption Avoidance

Model Review – using the model as a review tool

3D Shop Drawings and Submittals

Laser Scanning – existing conditions

Facility Management – maintenance and usability

Urban One is deeply committed to sustainability. We work with developers and consultants to bring sustainable solutions to the table that are innovative and cost-effective. Our team has completed the construction of many complicated and high profile LEED Certified projects and has significant experience working on projects that focus on environmental sustainability and sound environmental practices. Our goal is to avoid or minimize environmental impact that could occur on our construction sites. Our team have successfully achieved LEED Certification on all their projects that have applied for the designation. In addition to our understanding of LEED objectives, we are also familiar with the Ministry of Environment, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and municipal environmental requirements.