Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Our construction professionals can carry out projects under different delivery methods. We have extensive experience in each of the methods and our teams are comprised of seasoned professionals who can meet your expectations. Urban One provides each Client with comprehensive and customized reports about the status and issues of the project.

A Stipulated Price contract, refers to a fixed price or lump sum. Clients who choose this contract type also choose peace of mind, knowing the cost of the work is firm.

The purpose of this method is to regroup all labour, products, and services required for the execution of the work by Urban One, in conformance with the client’s drawings and specifications. The contractor then carries out the work accordingly, while overseeing labour and ensuring compliance with workplace health and safety laws.

The price can fluctuate only as a result of change orders issued by the client or the client’s consultants. The work will be performed as expected and as defined by the documents drawn up by the consulting engineers and architects. Deficiencies, if any, will be corrected by the contractor, who takes full responsibility for the work, suppliers and personnel under each subcontracted specialty.

Construction management is a type of contract under which an owner names a manager as key advisor for carrying out a specific project. The construction manager’s responsibility is to help with the preliminary planning of the project’s construction requirements; provide expert advice on scheduling, budgets, potential savings and materials supply sourcing; advise and ensure that all services and specialty trade contractors carry out the work accordingly; plan and set the work schedule, as well as coordinate and supervise the work of specialty trade contractors; help manage the project by providing clerical and technical services; coordinate inspection, implementation, and delivery of the project and manage warranties issued by specialty trade contractors.

These services are payable as per a fee schedule established according to the scope of the work and the duration of its execution. Urban One’s team has a great reputation and exceptional expertise in this form of contracting. The company guarantees prompt and efficient involvement, as well as specialized tools and management processes to ensure ceaseless and rigorous monitoring of all the stages of your project.

A key advantage of this approach is the ability to start the physical work well before the final drawings have been completed to the stage that would be needed for price finalization for General Contracting.

A Guaranteed Maximum Price contract allows the client to know the highest cost of their project. Any expense beyond the cost of the work is paid by the contractor.

During the preconstruction phase, Urban One establishes a budget with the client, after having reviewed the project in detail. The contractor is responsible for costs overruns, unless the GMP has been increased by a formal change order resulting from additional scope by the client. The GMP option means the work can begin before the design is complete. The owner has better control over the cost since it can be monitored in an open book environment as the work is being executed and changes can be made to the required quality and scope of work. Further involvement may be required from the consultant.

Within a GMP contract, the contractor assumes a greater risk, providing initiative for maximizing efficiency. Furthermore, financing is easier to obtain when there is a final contract price established.

Our large pool of experts in all construction specialties enables Urban One to offer among the most competitive prices in the market as well as superior and recognized workmanship quality.

Design-build is a contracting method by which Urban One carries out a project in a turnkey fashion and for a set price, in accordance with the client’s needs and technical requirements stipulated in the call for proposals. Urban One calls upon the professionals that are the most skilled for the nature of the work at hand to develop plans and specifications that meet the client’s expectations. The proposal includes a project outline and a fixed price for the cost of the entire work. Our professionals handle the preconstruction and construction phases of your project. The Urban One team demonstrates the strength of its experience, the quality of its work and the disciplined thoroughness of its management.

Transfer of all construction, budget and performance risks to the design-builder, optimized project management, enhanced communication between the different participants involved, lower risks, reduced costs, and tighter control over budget and scheduling right from the start of the project are among the many benefits of this contracting method.